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Let the darkness enlighten you...

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"I am the brain fart of Deity.
Spit into a meat suit, embodying an idea discarded.
I am the lost, the forgotten, the becoming ..."    

                                                                           ​- Quantum Mystics

​Updated 4/19/2019

Episode 1 - Black Mirror, Morphic Resonance, Theories of Everything and Zombie Cats

I’ll start this out with a statement that occurred to me while I was watching an episode of Black Mirror. We live in a simulated reality in which we are capable of remaking and restructuring our reality. We can influence our past by modifying it with our current beliefs, which via the process described in Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of Morphic Resonance, changes the Morphic (inherited memory) Field associated with that history thereby instantaneously changing our knowledge of the past. In a simulated reality all there is, is information. The uncertainty principle allows us to choose not only our past but our present and future through our influence on the Morphic field relying on properties of reality expressed in the theories of quantum uncertainty and entanglement.
That’s a mouthful, and yes an explanation is needed.

Over the preceding few months I had been reading about Sheldrake’s Morphogenetic Field theories as well as watching lectures and interviews with people like Graham Hancock, Terrence Mckenna, Thomas Campbell and Bruce Lipton. This information had set a lot of wheels spinning in my head which suddenly seemed to form associations and clicked into place under the influence of Black Mirror episodes that explored the concepts, applications and implications surrounding digital consciousness and simulated realities. In these episodes a character’s consciousness (memories, thoughts, and everything else that we identify as us) had been downloaded from the body and transferred onto a chip or into some other form which was then placed into a digital reality in order to serve some purpose. In one episode it was used to control the virtual personas of individuals the main character could not control in real life (USS Callister). In another, the method was used to interrogate an accused murderer and get a confession. After getting the confession the digital consciousness was tortured for centuries in the simulated reality while informing the physical prisoner that his downloaded digital-self had already ratted him out (White Christmas). Additional episodes explored the concept from a gaming perspective (Playtest) or as a form of victim retribution, allowing people to continually torture a digital holographic version of a convicted murderer (Black Museum).

What struck me (and disturbed me) while watching these episodes was the dawning realization that a simulated-you doesn’t know it is simulated and has no way of knowing there is another real-you and wouldn’t care. You are you in both the digital and physical iterations. The digital doesn’t care about the physical and vice versa. It is also impossible for either to say which one is more real or to say which is a copy of the other. Both have an independent “real” existence. In the White Christmas episode, the downloaded digital self was meant to be used as an artificial intelligence slave to the physical self. The digital-self could care for their physical-self’s wants and needs without having to be programmed. The digital-self would automatically program your coffee to be ready at 6AM and it would be prepared exactly as you like it without needing to assess your routines or environment because it is you and knows what you want as you know it.  To get the digital consciousness to accept such slavery it needed to be broken psychologically. To accomplish this the downloaded self was tortured for months in digital time with absolute boredom (living in a white room with nothing to do) to show that the alternative (slavery to your physical self) was preferable (at least there was something to do and occupy her time). And this time lapse, warp, dilation, expansion concept was then also explored effectively in other episodes whereby the digital self can experience years of perceptual time in only seconds in the “real” world. At first the thought of me torturing a digital version of myself to service my needs had me shrugging my shoulders. “What’s the big deal.” It’s not like it can feel anything. But why? Because it doesn’t have a body? What about its mind? My mind? And if I start to identify with this digital-self and start to think of it as my consciousness expanded to other media things can get downright uncomfortable with pregnant possibilities. And they did.

Now my mind was churning and beginning to marry these concepts together causing me to restate the above statement with some more details. Not only do we have a means of effecting our reality (via our consciousness) but what if we added a further assumption that stated that we live in a simulated reality, the Matrix, except in this version of the Matrix the goal is not necessarily to enslave us, creating ignorant copper-tops, but to evolve us spiritually.

This led me to a speculative hypothesis. By means of conscious control of quantum states and fields we can modify the Morphic Field, hence modify the past, present and future through our beliefs and perceptions. By power of will we modify the underlying fabric of our fractal reality causing the particles, waves, and fields to obey our will and take form. And as we change our past we simultaneously change our present and our future. Our digital-selves could be extensions of our consciousness and play a role in our evolution by affording us experiences we would not have otherwise. These selves also have a means of effecting changes to the Morphic Fields creating a feedback loop that rises up the levels of existence, dissolving the need for a division between real and simulation, digital and physical. 

Before we get too deep into this less break this down into its constituent parts, examining in more detail the information that formed the basis for this strange cross pollination.

We’ll start with Morphic Fields and Morphic Resonance because these were the concepts that formed the soil for the other thought-seeds to take root.

Morphic Resonance is a theoretic concept proposed by Rupert Sheldrake in which the memory and biological patterns of a species are influenced and transmitted to members of that species via a connection to a shared field of information. This information is not coded in genes or passed on as inherited memories stored in an area of the brain. Instead we are born with the biological antennas to download and upload information from and to the Morphic Field, giving us the ability to learn from the information gathered from previous members of our species. An analogy would be to equate our biology with a 5ghz antenna capable of tuning into a Wi-Fi signal that carries data that can then be parsed, digested and/or acted upon by our biology or, as the case will be made, by our consciousness. A specific type of Morphic field, the Morphogenetic Field, transmits species/biologic memories/information that form the habits of our biology allowing it to take proper form based on the signaling it receives from that field. Other Morphic Fields (theoretically there are many) such as the mental or culture fields control those aspects of reality and consciousness. These various fields express the habits of a species in their specific domain (mental, cultural, biological). Tuning into this frequency of cultural mores and standards of behavior makes up species’ consensual, perceptual reality, hence stabilizing or crystalizing the Morphic Fields that govern biology, behavior, culture, myth, etc. These various fields form the tapestry of what we call consensual-experiential-perceptual-reality.

To ensure that habits and normalization emerge in the various Morphic Fields, the concept of chreodes is introduced. These channelized pathways in the Morphic fields bring aberrant behavior or biological mutation under control by forming deep valleys in the field that represent normal behavior. Aberrant conditions are then directed towards the status quo by the chreodes. Imagine a ball that lands upon one of the hills of the field, its tendency will be to roll towards the valley and then finally follow the channel that cuts through the Morphic Field ending in statistical normalcy. In many ways we could say that this is what makes revolutionary and evolutionary changes in thought so difficult (biology as well but I want to focus on the social and mental aspects of Morphic Fields). New ideas will occur but the field at large (consensual status quo reality) will have a tendency to move the concept or new perception towards the chreode to normalize it. This can happen in the form of resistance to or watering down of the new ideas, resulting in a redirection toward the normal. In that way revolutionary ideas have a literal uphill battle and must reach a critical mass before becoming capable of creating a new chreode in the field. These ideas must become powerful enough to change the shape and frequency of the morphic field via the creation of alternate chreodes. When the newly formed channel becomes deep enough the culture or species will tend to begin following these channels (following the analogy above we place a ball in one chreode but then create a depression or branch from that plane and the ball will tend to roll to the deeper depression or channel). The interesting thing is that Morphic Field Theory predicts that the more this occurs (the ball rolling into the new chreode) the more likely it is to happen in the future and thereby increasing the occurrence of the behavior/modification until it becomes the new habit.

These channels then begin to take on a new chreode map for the species until that becomes the normalized habit (new consensual-experiential-perceptual-reality of the species). The implication that I am making in the context of this essay is that if we are to re-evaluate our past (ex. Consciousness is the foundation of reality which gives rise to the forms and patterns of matter that we experience.) and if this re-evaluation were to create a deep enough chreode and reach general acceptance, the Mophic Field would in essence be reshaped so that our understanding of ourselves in a cultural consensual reality context would be instantaneously modified. It would in effect become the new habit (our new generally accepted history/physics). And this could be true for any generally accepted theory. Most of our science today starts with the principle that an objective realty exists, and that matter is the basis of reality. Phenomenon like consciousness arise from matter. But what if we were to state that consciousness is at the core of reality and that it is consciousness that gives rise to matter and not the other way around? What if that idea created enough intellectual mass to create a new chreode that started to form a new habit of thought. Think of how modifying this starting point would change how we look at the world. More on this later, for now let’s return briefly to Morphic Resonance.

Morphic Resonance then is the mechanism for transmitting and receiving information from the various Morphic Fields. It is our attachment to these fields that gives us access to the data that each Morphic Field presents, giving us access to our collective history. Our biology is specifically designed to connect and receive information from these fields in order to evolve in the proper fashion. When that field becomes modified by the formation and deepening of a chreode, that change is transmitted via Morphic Resonance instantaneously with all members of the species plugged into the field. When the chreode becomes deep enough we will have a natural tendency to follow its pathway.

If we begin to think of revolutionary ideas that change the paradigms of science and metaphysics with the capability to change our species/cultural view of reality, those ideas can be represented as a Morphic Unit. Each entity that believes in that idea or extends it, ads a Morphic Unit to the Morphic Field via Morphic Resonance. As these Morphic Units increase in number they begin to form chreodes in the Morphic Field that then further increase the chance that more Morphic Units will be generated and deepen or widen the channel, until at some point this chreode represents the habit, the accepted world view of our species. The abnormal aberrant ideas become the new habit.

So that’s Morphic Resonance. Below I’ll have a list of sources to get more information if you want to get further into the weeds on this amazing topic and read about some of the research and studies that have been done.

Now on to quantum uncertainty, entanglement and zombie cats.

The quantum uncertainty principle states that we can never know with certainty a particle’s exact spin and position. The more we know about one characteristic the less we know about the other. The moment we observe spin the wave function of the particle makes its position uncertain. In effect its position lives in a field of infinite possibilities that we can only make guesses at, which can be stated as probabilities. Quantum entanglement then extends this by stating that if two particles become entangled then the moment I make an observation of entangled particle 1 and measure that its spin is in the up direction then the other entangled particle, even if it is light years away, will immediately be observed to have a down spin. The inference is that the moment we observe a packet’s state we simultaneously (by our mere observation of it) change the state of the sister particle light years away regardless of time and space. There are physicists who postulate that every particle and even the mass of the vacuum of space is entangled, making it impossible to make any observations without affecting the entangled pairs separated by galaxies and maybe even universes.

The other underlying assumption of the Uncertainty Principle and Quantum Field Theory is that all matter exists as a potential quantum particle, that prior to observation, exists in a quantum field cloud that actually contains an infinite number of possibilities with every possible outcome of the observable universe contained within it and that we (our consciousness) as observers actually create this universe through our observation of it, forcing the field to become a particle and interact with our physical self. This concept is in opposition to the materialist view which states that reality is objective and exists even when we are not looking but the quantum consciousness view is that reality is relative and literally pops into existence the moment we choose to look at it. This would be similar in fashion to the way a human baby sees the world and is fascinated when an adult suddenly pops into exist during a game of peekaboo. When they don’t see it, it ceases to exist.

So what do zombie cats have to do with this? The physicist Erwin Schrödinger created a thought experiment to demonstrate the properties of uncertainty and entanglement. (I’ve seen multiple versions of this experiment and all have the same premise but with different flavors. I chose to use the one that was stuck in my head eons ago). In this experiment we place a cat in a covered box that contains a trigger that will be released if a radioactive atom decays. There is a 50/50 chance of this decay occurring in an hour. If the decay occurs, then the trigger will be released, which will break a glass vial filled with poison, and kill the cat. The interesting thing here is that if we never look to see which state the cat is in, the cat simultaneously exists in all probable states (alive/dead). A state which is called a quantum superposition. When the lid is lifted, the observer forces the collapse of the wave function, causing the cat to now take on a state of being either alive or dead.

If we are to add quantum entanglement to this experiment, we need another box and another cat. The cat is still alive and dead as long as the lid remains closed, the moment we lift the lid on box 1 the wave function collapses and the cat is observed to be either alive or dead. Here is the strange thing with entanglement. Even if the boxes are on opposite sides of the universe and we lift the lid and observe cat 1 to be dead, the cat in box 2 on the other side of the universe will simultaneously be observed to be alive. This works in each direction. If the cat in box 1 is dead then we now know that the cat in box 2 is alive. This has been proven through experiments (not with cats thankfully) with particle detectors in which a particle of spin up is observed in one location and simultaneously its entangled twin will be observed with a spin of down. In these experiments any communication between the particles would have to break Relativity’s universal speed limit of light if a transformation of information was needed between the two particles to cause this effect.

The implications of this are, that if we exist in a quantum field reality with different types of fields governing different characteristic of our reality such as the morphogenetic for biology or the quantum field for particle spin, then it is possible that our consciousness gives rise to matter via our observations. We see what we project or expect. In this view humans exist in a reality of infinite possibilities and it is our consciousness that has the power of collapsing the wave function to form the physical manifestations we see all around us. Reality emerges from mind, effecting the Morphic Fields for culture and species habits that can instantaneously affect the whole of our reality. Consensual reality is really our species habit of collapsing the wave function in a specific manner, agreeing on the laws, physics and rules of the game we are all actively participating in.

Now with some background on Morphic Resonance and Quantum Uncertainty and Entanglement I’ll make this statement. In a materialist universe consciousness arises from matter, the brain, and its neurons and chemicals. In a quantum field reality where consciousness holds primacy, it is consciousness that gives rise to matter through an exercise of the will on the various Morphic and Quantum Fields, creating channels of new thought which allows us to change the shape of these fields and hence reality. Modification of these fields not only effects our present and future but transcends time and space and immediately influences all entities with access to the information regardless of time and space. Hence, changing our beliefs about the past immediately effects our present and future and has the capability of increasing our understanding, information, and consciousness throughout all time and space.
These fields are fractal with an evolving, expanding symmetry. They are also holographic in the sense that each unit contains the whole. The same way a droplet of water contains all the information needed to create a lake as it is comprised of the base pattern that becomes an expanding symmetry of self-similar patterns to create the lake. Ideas, like these, would at first be considered aberrant. They are not the experience habits of human consensual reality. However, if there is a paradigm shift, the laws of these combined theories would state that the more people that begin to experience reality in this fashion will add morphic units to the idea, which will then form a chreode. The more people believe, the deeper the channel, the more likely the new idea becomes a habit, forming a deeper chreode.

Now let’s return to Black Mirror and speculate further. When I began to incorporate the information above and mixed them with the ideas being expressed in episodes of the show I began to identify some crazy implications. These implications didn’t just affect me at an intellectual level but also on an emotional one.

In the show the technical ability to download a consciousness and then create a virtual reality around it always took a dark turn. But then I thought about the spiritual implications of the time dilation feature that was used in the show and how only the higher order consciousness controlling the time sequence and frequency of the virtual reality had any understanding that time was being sped up or slowed down. Only the actor in the virtual reality perceptually experienced this time shift. In addition, the digital system created to harness these digitized biological units would have to have an ability to interact with morphic fields if they were to have complete access to the data that makes us act human. If we state that the brain for instance is our biological mechanism for interacting with this field then if we are to create a self-aware digital copy that not only has memory but all the other things that come with being human, including an ability to learn and evolve, then it needs to access the morphic fields. That would require that these biological components would have to be virtualized in the software of the system.

Instead of going down a dark alley and exploring the dark aspects of this, (which is where I usually go and will go in an upcoming essay exploring the virtual aspects of digital afterlives) I decided to think of this in terms of a spiritual quest. What if we are a downloaded consciousness from an actual being that is on a spiritual journey to reach nirvana or whatever you want to call the ultimate goal of awakening or expanding consciousness. The tool they have chosen to use to reach this state is immersion in a multiplayer simulated reality. In our parlance this is the dreamer, the virtual reality game player, and using time dilation they can live thousands upon thousands of years of perceptual time in moments. The same way we can seemingly dream for hours and then wake up to realize only minutes have past. In this sense the same dreamer is downloaded, reborn, or reincarnated into multiple people, beings, objects over the course of minutes. Maybe they live as the husband only to be reborn as the wife to experience the emotions on both sides of the fence, they are the master and the slave.

This person is then the ultimate perceiver of our world. Is that person God the Omega Observer? Do they control us or are these simulations the vessels for their consciousness? As vessels the gamer may be allowed to choose the lives they wanted to live before entering the game, but the rules of the system would state that once immersed in the game they will not know it’s a game and will have no memory of their real or simulated lives (unless the hack the system).

As we start to embark on our own technological journey of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality don’t we begin to see the parallels? In effect we have control, we were built with the hardware to run the software, to understand it and as we evolve our consciousness we are beginning to understand how we can control it through the extension and understanding of virtual realities. The reality we experience is then perceived as a direct result of our choices and our will.

Taking into account the uncertainty principle, the ideas presented by Rupert Sheldrake, and all the mystics who have told us that life is an illusion, we begin to understand how all these puzzle pieces fit together. By observation and projection onto the canvas of this fractal, virtual reality we fix the fields of past, present, and future, which then changes the universal consciousness field, which then becomes immediately accessible to all entities in the simulation via the biological hardware built to receive it. As this becomes part of our collective experience we begin to create Sheldrake chreodes of learned behavior that then propagates to become an evolutionary mental habit which fixes the behavior and knowledge of our society through the modification of the Morphic Fields, making this the new collective experiential reality. The future me, changes the past me, which then flows to the present me. Time and history is no longer concrete, it is fluid and runs in multiple directions with multiple points of influence. Pretty crazy, wonderful, and exciting!
The basic, principle laws that govern the simulation create consensual reality but these laws can be bent or modified and when that is done it changes the simulation at a core level. Let’s take an assumption that matter is the primary form of the universe that everything that happens, all the laws that govern physical and chemical reactions and interaction are based in the material. X effects y which cascades to z etc. Our belief in that assumption helps to define our reality. However, what if we change that basic assumption. What if we were to make the assumption that consciousness is the cause of all interactions. That via consciousness we actually modify and control matter and energy. Effects are not the result of the way matter behaves but are caused by how we will it to behave, regardless of whether or not we are aware of this control at a conscious level. This assumption strikes at the core of the reality we experience for we become the prime movers of the reality we perceive. Things no longer happen to us, we influence them, we are not victims or our biology and environment.

These are concepts that have been explored in depth by people such as Walter Russel and Thomas Campbell. Russel has even stated generally that one of the issues with our physical conception of the universe is that we have taken God and consciousness out of the equation. Yet we have data from scientific experiments that point to consciousness being at the core of the universe we experience. The uncertainty principle states that our observation of matter changes it and actually forces it to “choose” a state. But who is really choosing? Is it not the will of consciousness and not the particle/wave that chooses? The quantum world exists in a hazy soup of infinite possibility until the observer comes along and forces it to choose a state. A state chosen by our consciousness, governed by the underlying rules of a simulated system.

What are the implications of this? First, we have a metaphysical and psychologic abhorrence that we have to get over. The dread I felt while watching Black Mirror was a result of my identification with the concept of “me” and “I”; with my individual biology. Most of us identify, “I” with the body, the brain, this (as I like to call it) meat suit. The idea that this body is merely hardware designed to run software which controls the energy systems of our bodies to effectuate change in a simulation is abhorrent to us. At first, we may even contend that this is a purely rational-reductive-materialist view of biology and physics, but it is actually the opposite. Instead it states that we must identify with the individual consciousness as the primary energy source of this system, which interacts with a virtual environment through a biological system specifically and individually designed (you still get to be a special snowflake of creation) to respond to your consciousness which is tied to a universal field that is capable of switching frequencies and  tuning into alternate realities through altered states of consciousness. Our biology contains a specific frequency and antennas that respond to our specific consciousness which some have theorized is the reason why organs are difficult to transplant or why memories or habits can be transferred from one person to another after a successful transplant. This information is not in the organ it is in the field and frequency that the organ has access to that transfers these memories. But the material is not king in this world. In this world, will and consciousness are king. We are not slaves to our biology but the masters and benefactors of it.

Having said that I only feel comfortable perusing this idea as a philosophical thought experiment. The moment I make the leap to seriously considering this as the truth of the reality I live in, something different happens. I suddenly feel that life is pointless when it is virtual or a simulation. But why? This shell will die one day. Isn’t it far better to believe that the experiences and knowledge I have gleaned by embarking on this journey are constantly shared with some ultimate source and will live on in a universal consciousness shared by all other energy beings.

I think my distaste goes back to belief in the material and that matter is what generates consciousness and all things of value in this universe. Becoming digitized somehow cheapens my existence because there could be countless layers, and I may exist on a subroutine that someone just forgot to delete, meaning that at any time I could just cease to exist with no purpose and no lasting impression. Is that just ego talking or is there an intrinsic need to feel like there is a point? Does that desire for meaning actually express a truth that I do matter, that I am expected to evolve my consciousness, and that evolution has a larger purpose? What would be the point of a creator (whoever or whatever that may be even if its just a game designer) imbuing this need in a human if not to server some purpose?  

I realized that it was my fear of being pointless that made me so disturbed by the Black Mirror episodes, because it forced me to analyze the possibilities, and I found myself gazing at a picture of a picture, a reflection of a reflection. I had no way of knowing how many layers deep that went. The same way you may wake from one dream, to another, to another, and when you finally wake you wonder if this is but another dream. The deeper that spiral went the more pointless each layer of reality seemed to be. How far down are we? How far down would a first-generation VR simulation be today compared to what we may build ten, twenty years from now? Would we even care about the first generation anymore? Would we just consider it legacy, end of life, and stop supporting it or just delete it?

I realized that these questions also exposed the fact that my uncomfortably had as much to do with my relationship and understanding of data as it does to my biology. In our world data is ubiquitous and anonymous. It is not imbued with what essentially makes us (although I would say I believe that is changing as we rely more and more upon digital data). We don’t think much of deleting an email or a file. Even if we do, we certainly don’t cry about it as we would if we found out a close relative died. However, as a writer, if I poured my heart and soul into the creation of a novel which existed only in a digital form as a Word document and that was deleted, I may cry. That is why I have copies of copies stored all over the place. Is there some creator out there that has done the same thing with me, us? Is that where we are headed, making copies of ourselves? And if we do, will we be content with digital immortality or will we feel the need to place these digitized selves into shells? What is more important the shell or the consciousness once we reach this point? What if the shell is metal and plastic and by our definition has not biological life? Is it still important if I take the consciousness out of it? Are we?

Part of our repugnance of digital simulated existence is imbedded in our belief in the material but another part is the belief that there is one reality. There is, “The Real” and we can distinguish that from all other modes of consciousness. I can touch it. I can feel it. But as we embark on creating new realms of virtual reality that leave us stunned with how real and immersive they feel, don’t we start to question how we can possibly know that what we feel right now is “Real” versus a virtual reality, whose primary mover is consciousness designed to control the light particles of matter in order to effectuate a simulated reality with the intended goal of evolving consciousness. And what kind of goal is that to the next order reality anyway? What is the point of evolving consciousness in a bounded system? Make a better artificial intelligence? Offer virtual reality trippers the ability to live in a historic civilization with the goal of seeing if they can solve the problem of its destruction?

Yet at the same time considering this universe as a simulation makes sense of a lot of things. We don’t have to perform mental gymnastics in order to get certain pieces of physics, spirituality and philosophy to mesh. Things make sense if we put our abhorrence aside. More questions still remain. Am I a player in this virtual reality game, a puppet? Thomas Campbell has said that consciousness in the computer running the player (our biology) which then can manipulate the virtual fractal reality. But what is the point of this game? Do we wake up from it to realize that we are a physical body reliving multiple lives in a time dilation sequence in yet another virtual world, which then may exist within multiple layers of another virtual layer? Is there any way to break out of the system and what does that mean, do we go back to the source like in the Matrix? Is there a God of each virtual system, going up the hierarchical ladder to an ultimate One God?

So many interesting questions develop once we allow ourselves to think of the possibilities. Heaven and Hell can exist as simulated realities that seem infinite based on the perception of time. In a simulated reality based on the uncertainty principle where we perceive what we project, Hell is self-torture meant to teach us some lesson, while heaven is giving ourselves a vacation (as mentioned I have a whole essay exploring the concept of the digital afterlife). There may be other beings that sit above the simulation and watch the birth and death of entire universes and their billions of years of evolution in an instant. And isn’t that what mystics have been telling us? We are the dreamed of Gods. A God opens its eyes ending one cycle and then closes them beginning a new one. Don’t things start to make a crazy kind of sense when we are open to these possibilities?

They did for me. I suddenly found myself thinking of these things in ways I never had before. True or not it didn’t matter. And that was the other interesting thing I learned. Once I considered the thought that consciousness and not matter is the basic assumption of the universe, these thoughts were modifying my perception and experience of reality and the consciousness that controls it. I defined truth based on my assumptions, expectations, and core beliefs. Once aware of it a certain form of control can be exhibited over it. I’m no longer merely an actor on a stage being fed my lines. In addition, I do in fact live forever, every piece of information I have is shared through resonance with the field and can then live on in other entities or exist infinitely as pure information. Don’t we say people live on in our memories? In this model people do live on as stored information that exist in a field consciously accessible to all via resonance. In many ways that is a more beautiful picture of reality than believing that we die, get placed in the ground, and our only legacy are the fossils of thoughts, emotions, and information that people remember about us, and that once the last memory dies, and there is no one left to remember us we truly die and are wiped away.

What if?

What if fringe opinions become mainstream and actually begins to modify the field of the past, thereby changing the underlying information to where that becomes our new understanding and perception of reality? Can we evolve through a reassessment of our past, thereby changing the field of knowledge that we all plug into in order to understand that basic laws of this fractal system? New information constantly changes the system in a feedback loop that evolves us, not just in the present, but from the past to the present and into the future, collapsing time.

What if through a process of entanglement we are linked to an earlier much older versions of ourselves that exists across the universe and has evolved much beyond our current capabilities? They are actively influencing a field that we are just not tuned into during what we call normal states of consciousness and once we modify our consciousness we tune into this morphic field which then simultaneously has the capability of changing our entire understanding and perception. Is it possible that that is what happens? That when we change our consciousness we actually tune into the morphic field of our ancestors across the universe, instantaneously giving us access to their wisdom and knowledge.

What if we were to believe that the hardware we control through our consciousness software has the ability to flip on other levers inside our biology to experience new forms of information that are at different frequencies, like tuning into different radio signal bands. And low and behold not all these antennas are in our brain, that our heart really can feel, our gut can be intuitive, that we have compartmentalized our biology into material systems, but what if each organ acted as a piece of consciousness and we just weren’t downloading the proper information to see that. Our whole body can suddenly think, intuit, and take part in consciousness. Suddenly we have access to trillions of cells that can increase the surface area of our consciousness and bring us to a new level of awareness.


There are a few topics here that I will expand upon in future episodes. The concept of digital hells and heavens explored so horrifically in Black Mirror deserves some further tumbling. In addition, I would like to expand on the speculations and implications of our biology as an organ of sensation and consciousness that may then point to our human hardware acting as cells in the body of a much larger organ or organism.

I hope you enjoyed these dark parallels and the tangents that attempt to join them. Please return for more. In addition join the www.darkrevmedia.com mailing list to be alerted when new Dark Parallels are published and be automatically entered as participants in merch giveaways. Until next time.


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  • The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles by Bruce Lipton
  • A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking
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  • Physics of the Soul: The Quantum Book of Living, Dying, Reincarnation, and Immortality by Amit Goswami
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