Let the darkness consume you...
Let the darkness enlighten you...

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"I am the brain fart of Deity.
Spit into a meat suit, embodying an idea discarded.
I am the lost, the forgotten, the becoming ..."    

                                                                           ​- Quantum Mystics

​Updated 5/2/2019

Episode 0 - Introduction

 For those of you who are unfamiliar with me and my work, my name is Brian White, and I am a dark fantasy author with three novels currently in print, The Strands, In the Shadow of the Witch, and Horn and Dagger. I also write columns and essays for www.darkrevmedia.com and run a blog on the darkrevmedia site called, The Dark Daily , covering topics such as what inspires me, my creative writing process, and the influence Heavy Metal music has had on my writing.​​

This new project I’m calling Dark Parallels, was born from the realization that I tend to gather a lot of eclectic information and find synchronicity in jumbled datasets. I then form strange connections between these various topics that I use to entertain my mind. In many ways my novels are a fictionalization of these head trips which I like to call mental gymnastics. During these mental gyrations I also indulge in the purely speculative aspect of these subjects, forming thought experiments and hypotheses based on the convoluted pattern of twisting and circling that my thoughts go through during the process.

What qualifies me to write about science, philosophy, religion, etc.? Nothing in particular. Nor am I claiming expertise in any of these topics. I believe that as a society we have become so specialized that we have fallen into the trap that only experts in a field are qualified to speculate and theorize on topics such as biology, physics, chemistry or even philosophy. If the name doesn't have a dotted acronym behind or in front the information is somehow less valuable. In some cases there may be some truth to this. There is no way, for instance, that I will be able to completely or adequately explain biological cell interactions, the Krebs Cycle or quantum field oscillations. That is why I have read or listened to people who have and will point out where I got my info. But what I gleaned from this info and the speculations I make have value, even if only to me. The point is that sometimes it takes a new perspective, an outsider, a rebel, to fit the pieces together in a new way. Am I that person? My thoughts move in that direction and I attempt to follow the convoluted path they take and put that into words. So in that sense, yes, I am. Whether or not others believe I am that person is another story and I’m sure many will disagree. But don’t close your mind to possibility because the messenger may not have a title or fit your preconceived notions about who is qualified to make such statements or arguments. And I would extend that to every person reading this. Your ideas, your associations, the parallels and tangents you create are important. They are creative expressions of information formed from your individual perspective. We must remove the judgements of right and wrong, good and bad when dealing with these dark parallels and enjoy the process of weaving these ideas together without necessarily pursing an ultimate goal.

I use the term mental gymnastics for the exercise of making these thought experiments and parallels because they require effort, but they are also fun. I allow them to tumble through my mind slowly, adding a slight nudge in various directions to choreograph the individual moves into a floor routine that is exciting, passionate, and beautiful to observe. My goals are to entertain, potentially invoke thought and further speculation, and maybe play a role in the evolution of consciousness. But in the end, this endeavor’s true purpose is to express the beauty and creativity of thought and enjoy the flow of the process. When the dance is over, it is over. It does not have to have long term meaning or a deep purpose. It can be enjoyed for what it is. I encourage you to allow these dark parallels to inspire your own form of mental gymnastics in whatever form that takes.

Why Dark Parallels? When first exposed to many of the concepts I’ll explore in this series I had thought of them as parallel ideas with nothing joining them. In many cases it seemed that these lines of thought could go on in either direction eternally without ever meeting. However, as I was exposed to more and more information and I meditated on its meaning I began to realize that there were tangents forming. I therefore began creating a series of perpendicular bridges and wormholes that joined these seemingly parallel topics. Hence the name.

What does any of this have to do with the process of writing dark fantasy novels since I am primarily a fiction author? These mental gymnastics eventually become the seeds for the environments, plots, concepts and characters that I explore in my novels. It is through my exploration of these ideas that eventually leads to a fictionalization of them. I’ll say more about that in a moment but first I want to cover the inspiration for deciding to start this series, which currently has over 10 episodes in various stages of production, with many more forming on a weekly basis. So what started the idea of writing these essays?

At some point in my writing career I began to believe that fiction was a type of field (I use the term fields to imply a concept similar to that of Sheldrake’s Morphic Fields or the Electromagnetic or “Force” Fields of physics which I will explore more deeply in Episode 1) that was capable of joining pieces of knowledge  that came from other fields or passed through them. I had for many years been interested in mysticism, the occult, various magical systems of thought as well as the fringe and speculative areas of various sciences such as physics, biology, psychology and philosophy. My original study of these topics was confined to books but as it grew beyond the page to blog posts, podcasts, and YouTube videos, the choosing and searching algorithms that run behind these technologies began to expose me to new information based on my previous perusals (another form of magic). Through this process I was gradually exposed to lectures by thinkers that I may never have had access to. Even if I had some early exposure to such eclectic and radical thinkers I could only find small pieces of their work in out of print books or journals. Even those modern thinkers currently in print would not engage in the type of speculation I encountered in lectures and interviews, within their published work. People like Sheldrake, McKenna, Leary, Wilson, and older philosopher may have had lectures recorded on tape that were stored on some dusty bookshelf or dungeon where few could listen to them until the advent of YouTube where students of these great teachers could now easily make such material public. It opened a whole new world for me and listening to lectures by those I was familiar with then led to works by Foucault, Wittgenstein, Chomsky and others which I was less familiar.

I had read these thinkers before, but their lectures and talks were more speculative and began to make me aware of the possibility and belief that maybe all things were connected in some way, we just couldn’t see it. Through Sheldrake I began to believe and then experience the world as made up of various types of morphic fields, cultural, physical, mental, genetic. These fields were emergent and fluid. Borrowing other theories expressed by the likes of Nassim Haramein and other physicist and philosophers I began to construct the metaphysical nature of these fields and how they were controlled by our will, emerging from the vacuum of space as a result of us choosing to observe them. We project and then perceive, creating our reality via field manipulation, both conscious and subconscious and that life itself was a magical act, creating it out of our will to experience our choices. Writing then took on an air of occult mysticism for me because the “word” brought worlds into existence and if we could put aside our prejudice towards modern era materialism and rationalism as the only truth, a new concept of the world opens up. An emergent world where I can create and explore other dimensions that are just as real as this one.

I then came in contact with other writers like Alan Moore and Grant Morrison who held similar beliefs. I learned that both were magicians and occultists but prior to uncovering that fact I had been exposed to their comics and saw a parallel in what I wanted to do. Listening to them speak of writing, creativity, art and magic, I understood that they had formulated similar beliefs in an idea space, a creative space that was universal but also individual. I am still formulating my theory around this and have often struggled with a word image to describe it but this is what I have come up with so far. Think of the morphic fields as planes, pieces of paper. They have bumps and what Sheldrake called cherodes or channels (I’ll go much deeper into Sheldraks’e theory in Dark Parallels Episode 1: Black Mirror, Morphic Resonance, Theories of Everything and Zombie Cats.) running through them that form consensual experience and habits. There are multiple types of fields; physical, mental, spiritual, cultural, political, etc. I believe that the fiction field (maybe even mythology although here is where we go into a gray area I’m still working through) is a plane that rides perpendicular through these other fields. It is the piece of paper that cuts through all the other planes or fields. These planes are close to each other and at some points interact on a normal basis with bumps and glaciers and mountains that rise and fall between various aspects of the planes during the course of normal experience. However, the creative/artistic plane exists to cross between these parallel planes. It joins aspects and plots of land from each plane that may have never arisen naturally.

When examined from this perspective, fiction, speculation, magic, is a way of evolving our knowledge of all these planes and to see and experience their interconnectedness. Fiction, in a very real sense is the perpendicular world that allows us to see connections where we may have never seen them before. And these planes are real, just as dreams are real, as shamanic and magical/mystical experiences are real. However, they are not real in the way we have been traditionally taught to define real. Just because they are not material/rational does not mean they are not real or are not important, it just means they are not material. This added a level of import to what I was doing and what all artists and writers were doing. We were the bards, spinning spells, creating grimoires, creating worlds, and joining others.

Tied to all this and the reason for me deciding to embark on this project was a revelation I recently had. This particular insight was inspired by an interview I saw with comic writer extraordinaire, Alan Moore, in which he said two things that really affected me. One, that truly creative acts were done without fear or desire of result. For me that was important because although I may never have started writing with the expectation of making a living from it or have allowed my stories to be influenced by what was popular, there has always been a fear that from a commercial success standpoint, I would fail. Which brings me to the second thing I heard Moore state (paraphrasing). It is not the artist’s job to deliver what the audience wants but what they need, and the audience does not know what they need. If they knew what they needed they would be the artist.

This philosophy hinges on the fact that an artist lives in a creative space, (Moore calls this idea space) with a specific address that gives the artist an individual and unique perspective of this creative space. It is the artist’s job to deliver their unique perspective and not to curtail or edit their vision or endeavor based on what they think an audience wants or needs. This was an epiphany to me. Suddenly I felt freed from the expectation that I must obtain an audience. I no longer had to equate my failure to obtain commercial success with failure as a writer. In many ways I had become so frustrated with my lack of commercial success that I was at a point where I was contemplating trying to make my work more palatable or accessible to a larger audience. But that wasn’t my vision, that wasn’t what I was being shown when I entered this creative dimension.

This realization liberated me from doubt and expectation and I thank Moore for sharing it. Writing what I was led or inspired to write became a creative imperative and the only goal. Either there would be an audience for it or there wouldn’t be. Selling out is not trying to market and find your audience. Selling out is changing your message, your story and your individual perspective, to meet the expectations of others in order to create and audience for your work. This gave me the confidence to not only write what I wanted, but to also feel secure in exposing my work to others. I was not cheapening the work by trying to market it as long as I didn’t change the message I had started with. I never expected to get rich from this, nor was that my goal. I only wanted to achieve some financial success so that I could have more time to spend creating, but that wasn’t completely up to me. At that moment, I decided I would create what I was inspired to create, write what I write and an audience would either emerge or it wouldn’t. Either way I would simply continue to do what I do. As long as I was honest with myself and the vision I received, I could not fail.

These essays are a journey of speculation. I rode the waves of various parallel worlds and then began to draw perpendiculars to join them. I do this consciously in these essays, but in my fiction, I have come to realize that that is what I had always been doing on a subconscious level. My creative, magical, writing process has been about perceiving these parallel worlds from a plane that cuts through them. My speculations are the how, but my fiction is the why. Why do we exist? Why is this like this? Why is the world the way it is? It is also the experience of the how and the why from a perspective that is unique. The fiction creates the field, it is shared by others that visit it but I will always see it from my unique perspective and when readers read my spell, my grimoire, they join me in that world. So join me on these speculations, and afterwards, if so inclined, join me in the walking of them in my fiction. 
My personal expectation of this series is that it will chronical my meanderings into the darkness, stumbling and bumping into things blindly while connecting them into patterns that help me find my way to the light. So stay tuned for the first installment which examines the connections I’ve drawn between the show Black Mirror, Morphic Resonance, Theories of Everything, and simulated reality. The entire topic of simulated realities, digital consciousness and fractal realities will occupy a few installments as the topic is broad and rife for speculation. I hope you enjoy watching the dance as much as I enjoy performing it.

Till next time.